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常用型号:65F20 、 90F20 、115F20 、150F20 、200F20、 250F20等

Traditional CADWELD Welding Material is basically a mixture of copper oxide and aluminum, packaged by size in plastic tubes. Each tube contains the starting material at the bottom of the plastic tube, with the Welding Material on top. These materials are not explosive and not subject to spontaneous ignition. These containers are packaged in boxes along with metal disks. Each weld uses one disk. Disks are included with the Welding Material.

1. F20 or standard Welding Material is used for all grounding connections with the exception of those to cast iron or to load bearing rail. The Standard Welding Material containers have clear (or natural) caps.
2. XF-19 Alloy Welding Material is used for all connections to cast iron such as Type HB and others. XF-19 Welding Material containers have orange caps.
3. CADWELD F80 Alloy Welding Material is used for all connections to load bearing rail such as Type W Bonds. F80 Welding Material containers have yellow caps.
4. CADWELD EXOLON utilizes the same metallurgy as the F20 or standard welding material and produces the same permanent molecular bonds as the traditional CADWELD process, without the smoke and other emissions usually associated with the exothermic welding process. Most connections listed in this selection tool or the E1A catalog can be ordered in the CADWELD EXOLON configuration.

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